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Very Low Calorie Diet

Our primary medical program is called the Very Low Calorie Diet or VLCD. VLCD consists of 16 weeks of treatment in the following phases. Each of these phases involves different components geared toward the accomplishment of a specific objective. Prior to starting the program, you will have an appointment with an internist, a dietitian and an exercise physiologist.

Phase One Active Weight Loss (12 weeks)

During the active weight loss phase, food intake is limited to 800-900 calories per day using high protein food supplements. A variety of different food supplements can be chosen such as oatmeal, cereal, pre-packaged meals, soups, protein bars, and hot drinks to name just a few.

Weekly group meetings offer behavioral intervention, nutrition education, social support, and instructions on how to increase physical activity.

This phase involves a weekly clinic visit for 2 hours, consisting of:

  • Registration
  • Weigh-in and blood pressure check
  • Reviewing Periodic Lab tests
  • Physician’s or clinical staff visit
  • 1 hour educational session with group members and group leader(s)


Phase Two Back to Food (4 weeks)

When transitioning back to food, regular foods are reintroduced and use of the food supplements is gradually reduced. Nutrition education is the main part of the weekly sessions, as you continue to gain the skills and confidence needed to maintain your weight loss. This phase also involves a weekly clinic visit of 2 hours consisting of the same steps as the Active Weight Loss.


Phase Three Living Healthy (Week 17 and on)

Group support and education is provided for all clients who have completed the Program. The Program includes a one-on-one individual visit with the behaviorist and three follow-up visits with the physician. Free life-time membership in Living Healthy can be obtained by attending 12 meetings per year. If 12 meetings per year are not obtained, a charge of $20 will be charged for each group.

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